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[SANET-MG] Ben and Jerry say nothing is fishy-its just fudge

Below is the reply to my query about GM ice structuring protein in Ben and Jerry products. sincerly, joe cummins Hello, Professor. I am forwarding a message from Sean Greenwood in our PR Department, whom you contacted yesterday via email (7/9/06). Sean's on the road today but wanted to make sure you got this. Many thanks.
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Thanks for your message yesterday, Sunday - July 9 at 1:43 pm:

Can you please tell me whether or not Ben and Jerry use Unilever's pouter fish ice structuring protein in sorbets, water ice, fruit ice, frozen desserts, iced smoothies and/or ice cream.? sincerely, Prof. Joe Cummins"*

The short answer is Ben & Jerry's does not use the protein you ask about in any of our products. The only fish in Ben & Jerry's ice cream are the smiling little fudgy ones, swimming in the marshmallow and caramel in our PhishFood ice cream. (You may return to your "major secret pleasure" of PhishFood consumption with this GMO-free promise from us.) The news is out: B&J's doesn't use pout!

We've received another message (perhaps from a student of yours?) quoting your email, stating in the subject/headline "Environmentalists Ben and Jerry may feed children genetically modified Ice Cream." I've attached the article in its entirety below - just to confirm that this information is what you've distributed.

Thank you for giving us a chance to reply to learn the truth - before disseminating inaccurate information.

From your full-service P.R. Department...

- Sean

Sean Greenwood
Ben & Jerry's P.R. Dept
802.846.1500 x7701
sean.greenwood@benjerry.com <mailto:sean.greenwood@benjerry.com>

p.s. We appreciate your long-standing commitment to environmental causes as well.

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