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Re: strange brew

It sounds like a nature farming recipe.  These include all kinds
of on-farm biofertilizers and fermented extracts, made from
local biomass sources and biological conversion processes.    

The red tinge may be a type of photosynthetic bacteria.  

EM (Effective Microorganism), one of the nature farming
microbial tools, has these purple photosynthetic Rhodobacters,
and an EM-treated hog-lagoon turned red is a sign of bioconversion.  

Enrichment & Isolation of Purple Non-Sulfur Photosynthetic Bacteria

Sudden Popularity of Soil Based Organisms (SBOs) as Probiotics 

What other details and background can you share, Elijah?


Steve Diver

elijah smith wrote:
I need help identifying what sort of anaerobic bacteria we've grown.  Someone gave us a recipe for a sort of tea which is supposed to "increase the amount of sunlight absorbed" when applied as a foliar spray.  The recipe goes like this:
soak a pile of fish scales in water.  Strain the water through red cinder (we have a lot of this in Hawaii...).  Let the water sit in a full sealed glass jar in the sun.
Well, we did it, and the glass jar sat and say for months and then all of a sudden turned bright red - which was what was supposed to happen... we can make more of it by just putting mixing it with clean water and adding it to more jars; each in turn will turn red after a bit. 
But what is it?  Anyone ever heard of this stuff?  Does it really increase sunlight absorption?  I though maybe 'cuz it was so red, it might somehow let the plant intake a different part of the spectrum - but I'm no scientist, I'm just guessing.