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Re: Regulation of compost teas

We have been working with compost tea makers preventing disease such as apple scab, leaf curl, anthracnose, and a number of foliar feeding insects.

We have done mildew control for a couple years in vineyards, this is a scientific study, and we have one more year to go to finish up.  Then we'll publish the results.  Been working well!

I can direct you to a number of orchard folks who are having good control, if you want.  We need more replicated scientific studies in orchards in the US, and I would dearly love to get some done.  The SARE grants are good places to get some grower grants. 

There are a number of researchers at Washington State University that tried compost tea early on orchards, but they did not make decent tea.  They even had the tea tested sometimes, but could never reach the quality control standards we have shown are necessary.  But they still bad-mouth compost tea as not working.  Sigh.  And these are scientists? 

But there are much better machines to make compost tea out on the market now. 

If I could work with you on documenting the benefits of compost tea, I would love to talk!

Elaine Ingham