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Re: Technology Culture of Indigenous Microorganisms

Please check the compost_tea@yahoogroups.com website for more about getting beneficial fungi in your compost and compost teas.  Jeff Lowenfels has been putting together some great recipes and ideas on how to improve the beneficial fungi.

Gil's work on fermentative bacterial cultures of course is a must read for interested people.

We'd like to do a mini-course on beneficial fungal culturing (how do you select and maintain your own) at SFI this fall.  We're working on isolating the fungi that attack and destroy cucumber beetles, for example.  Fire ants, carpenter ants, etc.  But how do you do this yourself?  How do you buy the culture ONCE, and then maintain it?  How do you select the strains of these organisms that work best on your land?  Hopefully, Mike Holmes of Holmes Enviro and I will be able to give a presentation this fall.  Stay tuned on the SFI website.

Elaine Ingham
President, Soil Foodweb Inc.
SFI Corvallis, OR
SFI Port Jefferson, NY
SFI Lismore, NSW, Australia
SFI Hilversum, The Netherlands
SFI Cambridge, New Zealand