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BioImages - Virtual Fieldguide (UK)



Title: BioImages - Virtual Fieldguide (UK)

BioImages - Virtual Field-Guide (UK)


Welcome to BioImages, the Virtual Field-Guide for UK Bio-diversity.

Content: This site offers a large selection of pictures of Natural History objects, mostly British in origin.

Purpose: The images are presented to illustrate biodiversity and as an aid to identification. While pictures alone are generally NOT sufficient for identification, by showing different stages, states and views of the organisms more information can be offered than is available in field-guides.

How to find your way around: BioImages is arranged in the normal biological classification (or at least my interpretation of it.) This is a hierarchical system with species grouped in genera, genera in families, families in orders and so on up to kingdoms and superkingdoms. Living Things takes you to the top of the classification. tree.

Searching: BioImages is indexed by Google

Search WWW Search www.bioimages.org.uk

Browsing: If you just want to browse, Shortcuts takes you to a list of links to groups of organisms. You can then go directly to the group your are interested in. Then follow the links down to the species you want to see.

At the foot of each page in the classification hierarchy is a row of links to take you back up the hierarchy. Using these and the "down" links in the body of the page you can navigate sideways.

This is a large site containing (Mar 03) 30,000 images depicting 3000 species. The images include habitat shots, close-ups, macro shots and microscopy. Enjoy!

BioImages.org.uk has no connection with Bioimages - the official journal of the Bioimaging Society nor with BioImage - A European Initiative for a New Database of Multidimensional Biological Images.

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