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[permaculture] Re: Permaculture contacts in or near Bombay India

Hi Debra -

Your web page is beautiful and inspiring. A yurt is a nice abode.

I can provide some contacts for India, but let me get back
later with details.

Pune, India.... which is about 4 hours away from Bombay/Mumbai
by bus, is home to a half dozen institutes and organizations developing
and promoting vermicomposting / vermiculture.


[permaculture] Vermicompost + Cuba + India
30 May 2002

Near Bombay you have the state of Gujarat. The Bombay-
Gujarat region is where Swadhyaya movement is centered.
Led by teacher Pandurang Shrastri Athavale, the Swadhyaya
movement is keen on plant-based pest control, vermicomposting,
organic farming, alternative crops, water well recharge, and related
green technologies. It promotes the ancient teachings of India --
the Vedas and Upanishads -- as a framework for modern living
and re-integration following cultural displacement by European
colonialism. It promotes villagers working and eating together
on volunteer farms, also learning these green technologies -- Hindus,
Muslims, and Christains working together -- who then take these
appropriate technologies back to their villages and teach. When
you consider that every one of the 19,000 villages in Gujarat
has been visited by Swadhyaya, and you observe how it teaches,
it becomes apparent that Swadhyaya is one of the most powerful
appropriate technology dissimenation programs in the world.

Organic organic farming and biodynamic farming in India is
growing by leaps and bounds. The climate is amenable to
polyculture food plants extraordinairre, and good quality
cow dung is available for good quality BD preprations like
BD 500, Cow Patty Pit (CPP), BD compost, vermicompost.

Here is my biblio on Plants and Agriculture of India, which you
may find helpful:

Selected Bibliography on the Useful Plants and Agriculture of India

Steve Diver


Title: Permaculture contacts in or near Bombay India
Ill be traveling to Bombay India the December to attend a friends wedding. Afterwards, Ill have a couple weeks to explore some of my interests. Does anyone know of permaculture / ecological building and or interesting organic garden projects in or near the Bombay area that we could visit?
Thanks Much,
Debra Amerson, MA Business
Artist & Plantscape Designer

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