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K&W Rabbit and Worm Farm


	Earthworms and Rabbits
P.O. Box 50691
Fort Myers FL 33994 	Phone/Fax 239-543-2620
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Raising Earthworms with Rabbits
By Kazuko "Kay" Smith
©2001 Kazuko Smith. All Rights Reserved.

Most of you recognize rabbits as the cute, furry little critters sold in pet stores. They are, however, a valuable livestock for food and for other commercial purposes. A large commercial doe such as the New Zealand White or Californian can produce approximately 30 to 40 young each year. That is approximately 70 to 95 lbs. of dressed, edible meat. No other animal can be kept in a space 30" x 36" and produce 8 to 10 times her own weight in edible meat in a year. Rabbits produce meat higher in protein and lower in fat and cholesterol than chicken. When fed a well-balanced diet they normally need little or no medication. Rabbits also create an excellent source of organic plant food faster than they can create more rabbits. A large doe and her four litters of about 28 to 32 young a year will produce approximately six to seven cubic feet of manure annually.