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Re: cations + chelation + amino acids

Was.....  Re: Low Tech Soil Health Methodologies for Farmers

David Menne wrote:

> Because alkali metals, and a goodly proportion [viz the unchelated] alkali
> earth metals occur as cations [demonstably by various physical phenomena] in
> aqueous systems and not as whole molecules. Single charge cations of course
> by definition cannot form chelates ["held by twin bonding"], despite what a
> lot of the fringe nutritional health product supply industry claim.

Well, I see that monovalent potassium is among the amino acid
chelated mineral products at Albion Laboratories.  The Metasolates
line of foliar fertilization products are certified organic.


Albion Laboratories

A related site that comes to mind when amino acids and foliar
fertilizers come up in organic fertilization is Delbon in France,
supplying liquid fertilizer products like Protaminal geared to foliar
fertilization and fertigation.

Delbon - The specialist in environmentally-friendly liquid fertilizers
        The technical glossary, fertilization files, crop files, and amino
        acid summary are especially noteworthy.

Steve Diver