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Re: Species diversity + Plate Culture

I guess I should alter this for clarity.  It is sometimes helpful to
read a "second" viewpoint.  What I mean to say is that
Johnny Agulia confirms what Elaine Ingham has been saying
about the plate-count vs direct-look method.

Direct-look is a colloquial term for the microbial bioassay
method developed by Dr. Ingham through her graduate
research and introduced as a commercial lab service during
her tenure at Oregon State University.  It uses high-end
epiflourescent microscopy to visually observe and measure
bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes.

Steve Diver

> It is sometimes helpful to read a different viewpoint. In the
> following piece, Johnny Agulia at ABC ORGANICS summarizes
> the difference between "Plate-Count" and "Direct-Look" methods
> for microbial analysis.  Be sure to read the "French Poodle effect"
> to gain a hands-on appreciation for the biological farming approach
> versus the NPK farming approach.
> http://www.abcorganics.com/Compost%20Production.htm
> Adios,
> Steve Diver