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Re: quartz

i'm inclined to think crystal clear is better, but
you might just give milky white a try

interesting, arkansas has some of the best crystal

ouachita mountains | mt. ida | hot springs

rock hounding in arkansas: chapter on quartz

you might learn something about crystal
in these pages that reveal some piece of
knowledge about their properties

hugh lovel stops by for crystal, no wonder
his pipes work

steve diver

Lloyd Charles wrote:

> G'day all
> Just reading some bits of  "Agriculture" last night - the 1993 Creeger/
> Gardner version.
> Would like some comment on the following passage.
> p 253 (For making the horn Silica preparation 501) "Dr. Steiner said it
> would also suffice to fill the horn with a bean sized piece of [powdered]
> quartz that had been mixed and kneaded together with soil from the field to
> be sprayed. If a little bit of this were dissolved and stirred, this would
> still contain enough silica radiation."
> also in lecture four he says " you could also use orthoclase, feldspar"
> (Steiner's description of a horn was quite large 12 to 16 inches - is big by
> todays standard)
> There has been some discussion [argument] along these lines before - I think
> it would be of benefit to have another look.  We have quartz on our farm
> that is well formed small crystal but milky (white not clear), my gut
> feeling is this would be good to use but all of the more experienced BD
> people I have asked say no, it must be water clear large crystal for best
> result.
> any takers?
> Cheers
> Lloyd Charles

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