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Re: MVP and Organic

Vern Grubinger wrote that article you refer to.  Grubinger has
supported sustainable and organic farmers for over a decade
in the Northeastern U.S.   You should get a copy of the NRAES
book he wrote, for your bookshelf:

Sustainable Vegetable Production From Start-Up to Market. 1999.
By Vernon P. Grubinger. NRAES-104. Natural Resource, Agriculture,
and Engineering Service, Ithaca, NY. 268 p.

That article is several years old, that's all. It has the
flavor of an overview article rather than a list of
up-to-date pest controls.

UConn IPM has a wealth of great resources.

The OMRI List is the premium source to understand approved products.

Steve Diver

joe cummins wrote:

Hi Chuck,
Thanks a million for clearing up the MVP question in organic agriculture.
I find that the pronouncement from authorities such as the University of
Conn. extension to be  very
"The major types of B.t. are the 'kurstake' strain for caterpillar pests
(Dipel, Javelin, Thuricide, MVP, etc.) and the 'San Diego' or
'tenebrionis' strain for potato beetle larvae (M-One, M-Trak, Beetle
Beater, Novodor, etc.)."
Is there an effort in the University  community to spread disinformation
on organics with the goal of forcing acceptance of GM products?  Or are
the "authorities" in US  universities so ill informed that there
opinions are of no value? Finally,  the university that advises organic
farmers  to employ MVP  certainly is liable for damages to the farmer
when the crop is not allowed the organic label.
It would be nice if  NOP could provide the actual standards in  a form
easily accessed by organic farmers and the public.
Sincerely, Prof. Joe Cummins


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