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Qualitative bioassays in BD tradition (was Re: Devil's advocate of GM beet)

A spelling correction....

Dr. Ursula Balzer-Graf.

The notable report with qualitative bioassay images
is from The Renaissance of Farming Conference
hosted by The Soil Association UK in 2000, located here:

The Renaissance of Farming Proceedings
Located at:
Soil Association | Resources | Library | Conferences
Conference Proceedings 7-9/1/2000

Measuring Food Quality
Peter Segger for Dr Ursula Balzer-Graf
Institute of Vital Quality, Switzerland
5-page paper, PDF download (36 KB)

APPENDIX III: Dr Ursula Balzer-Graf's Slides
15-pages of accompanying slides, PDF download (2,465 KB)

Side-by-side comparisons of sensitive crystallisation,
capillary dynamolysis, and circular-paper chromatography
for different samples of food and  the influence of
farming practices.

As an aside, Hagalis AG sent out Christmas greetings in
"German", so I didn't pass them along.  Hagalis provides a
lab service in Switzerland to evaluate water, foods, farm products,
herbs, cosmetics, and naturapathic medicines by the sensitive
crystallization method.
Sensitive Crystallization Anaylsis
Hagalis AG, Switzerland
   Sensitive Crystallisation Slide Show.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!!!

Two newer items of special interest from Hagalis AG:


Wasser Kristall Welten book
Available from Oktober 2003
Over 240 pages and 180 pictures 23,9 Euros

From the fascinating world of water -  one of a
kind pictures of springs from all parts of the world.


Wasserquality 2002
20 Euros

This publication is a comprehensive presentation of our
test results of common spring and mineral waters, and
water treatment systems. It contains detailed information on
water quality and on mineral waters and water treatment
systems available on the market.  The text is informative for
consumers, and can be a help with deciding on a particular
quality of water or an appropriate water treatment system.

If people are interested, there's been several journal
articles on biocrystallization published in mostly European
literature over the last few years.
Best wishes,
Steve Diver

Steve Diver wrote:

There's been a number of biological feeding experiments
published from Europe on preferred consumption of
organic vs conventional feeds. Dr. Alberta Velimirov's research is more recent,
and interesting.


For qualitative comparisons between conventional,
organic, and biodynamic also see
Dr. Ursual Balzer-Graf's papers.  Her study on
organic vs conventional using picture-forming images
(capillary dynamolysis, sensitive crystallization, and
circular chromatography) is one of the best modern
studies on qualitative bioassay methods.

Now there are number of farmer observation
reports coming out on GMO feeds... and how
animals prefer to eat non-GMO grains.

In Iowa, a hog farmer with Practical Farmers of Iowa
has identified pseudo-pregnancy in sows fed GMO
grains. Albrecht was keen on feeding rabbits and animals
for multi-generations to understand effect of nutrition.

Steve Diver

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