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Fwd: Montmorillonite and non ionizing radiation.

Unscreened, for your evaluation. -Allan
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Subject: Montmorillonite and non ionizing radiation.
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 13:23:57 +0200
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Dear Mr. Allan Balliett,

We are looking for cooperation with  companies and researchers to elaborate
the working principles of  "energy transducing minerals" like:
Montmorillonites, to publish scientifically and to apply these concepts in
the market, targeting to avoid  negative influences of non ionizing
radiation on human beings. We have found that Montmorillonite minerals in
the near by presence of power lines, antennae of telecomunication (GSM and
UMTS) and other electromagnetic devices are able to neutralize the
disadvantageous effects of this kind of radiation.
We have learned the properties of f.e. Pascalite and other Montmorillonites,
and would like also to contact Mr. Harvey Lisle.
Please could you be so kind to give us  the E-mail address of Mr. Harvey
Lisle or other researchers who are involved in this kind of research.

More in detail, our story:

As an innovative material company we would like to prove that certain types
of Montmorillonites are able to protect human beings against the influence
of non ionising radiation coming from power lines and other electromagnetic
We have been searching for all kinds of materials (carbon blacks, carbon
nanotubes, conducting polymers, graphite and minerals) to eliminate the
negative biological effects on  test-persons related to the near by presence
of power lines and other electromagnetic devices at our laboratory in Geleen
at the Netherlands. Montmorillonite is one of the most interesting
A little study directed to the question how many persons are sensitive for
negative effects nearby power lines, computer monitors and mobile phone
antennae learned us that  about 0.7 till 1 person on 100 persons are
experiencing  negative effects  immediately . Biological effects in this
sense are: a way of behaviour and feeling which is experienced as less
alert, less concentration, less energetic, less lively, more fatigue, more
drowsy, less relaxed. By accident we found "energy transducing minerals"
which are able to eliminate these negative biological effects of
electromagnetic waves.
It is well known that the exposure of electromagnetic waves in the
surrounding of our living space in the frequency spectrum of 1 Hz till 10
GHz is one thousand till one million times more nowadays than before 1900.
Several thousand of studies have been performed to determine the biological
effects of manmade electromagnetic fields and at this very moment the
society is becoming aware of negative influences of these fields on human
health. Electromagnetic field frequencies and strengths which are unnatural
for humans can affect their health, work and sports performance.
Some pulsed electromagnetic waves are damaging to health and/or exhaust the
human organism. Certain physiological parameters (like brain activity) are
influenced negatively by various magnetic and electromagnetic fields (EMF)
frequencies and strengths. It is well known that the human functioning can
be affected by a range of electromagnetic frequencies. Natural EMF
frequencies in the earth's atmosphere are present in nature as well in
buildings. The intensity of exposure of electromagnetic waves has been
increased in society today related to the frequency ranges of microwaves
(MHz and GHz) and ELF (1-100 Hz). These may be one of the main components
involved in the electro-stress people are complaining about today. The ELF
waves may have an influence, because these are in the frequency range of
human electrical brain activity (brainwaves as recorded in the
electroencephalogram or EEG). In the past decades it is becoming clear that
humans receive and react to frequencies in  the earth's magnetic field.
These frequencies range  from circadian fluctuations up to ELF (extreme low
frequency: 1-100 Hz), like the Schumann resonance (7.8, 14.1, 20, 26, 33,
39, 45 and 51 Hz) but also resonance's coming from the sun and  synchrotron
radiation from cosmic ray electrons. Synchrotron radiation is produced when
energetic electrons move through a region of space containing a magnetic
field. The motions of the electrons are deflected by the magnetic field and
the electrons spiral around the magnetic field lines. Since circularily
moving electrons are being accelerated, these electrons emit radiation.
The Schumann waves are a serie of quasi-standing electromagnetic waves,
naturally present in the earth's atmosphere. The waves are quasi standing
magnetic waves between the earth and the ionosphere and living organisms are
in resonance with the waves by means of entrainment. The power in mW/cm2 of
these waves is very low at 7.8, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39, 45 and 52 Hz: 4-6
decades lower than the power of nowadays exposures of man-made
electromagnetic fields. Prof. Dr. W.O. Schumann and Dr. H. L. König of the
technical university of München has measured and calculated these
frequencies and suppose that these frequencies, which are present in the
Earth's atmosphere already for billions of years, are tuned into by all
organisms in the biosphere. These frequencies may be "healthy" frequencies
for humans. Brain wave frequencies are related to natural Schumann's
resonance's and are embedded in coherent pulsations. Frequencies of the
human brain waves evolve in response to these signals; brain-frequencies are
between 1 and 40 Hz, measurable by EEG: 7.8 (alpha), 14 (low beta), 20 (mid
beta), 26 (high beta), 33 (high beta, 39 (gamma) and 45 Hz (gamma). These
waves are regulating our body's internal clock; affect sleep patterns (REM)
and hormonal secretion. Interfering frequencies in ELF are causing
stress-related patterns: affecting mental, social, psychological behaviour,
neurological disturbances, psychosomatic conditions, abnormal cell
development,  infertility and other.
So ELF frequencies of Schumann resonance are linked with human brainwaves
and health. Artificially induced ELF's can affect homeostasis; are
unhealthy. Quite unexpectedly, complaints are made about ELF electromagnetic
fields in spite of their low intensity, of which no-one expected these could
have any effect on living cells. Indications have been found that organisms
including humans have internal biological amplification and phase-locked
loop systems. These enable physiological oscillators like the brain and
individual cells to become  entrained (and even synchronized) by waves and
pulsations in the ELF range, no matter how weak these are, even if they are
buried in the noise. This would keep maybe cells and brainwaves in certain
frequencies for too long in inappropriate frequency areas, resulting in
stress, exhaustion and in the long term perhaps even disease in the brain or
in other areas of the body.  So there is a concern to some potentially
harmful electromagnetic fields by anything-electrical equipment.
A lot of  materials have been developed and patented for shielding
application for the so-called electromagnetic compatibility of
electric/electronic equipment during the last five decades. It is well known
that traditional shielding materials do not shield the magnetically part of
the electromagnetic waves in the frequency range of 1-100 Hz.
Montmorillonites  are fully transparent for these electromagnetic waves and
it is supposed that these minerals are restoring natural resonances in the
presence of man-made electromagnetic fields.
Up to now we have investigated the physical/chemical knowledge about "energy
transducing minerals" related to cyclotron- and synchrotron-resonances. The
magnetic and electric behaviour of these minerals have been examined,
measurements have been performed with SQUID, X-ray, IR, magnetization curves
and magnetic susceptibility have been measured.

The material is not a traditional shielding of equipment, but directed to a
so-called electromagnetic biocompatibility, which means that the material is
able to resonate with frequencies  present in nature avoiding incoherent
oscillations caused by man-made electromagnetic fields.
Biological studies are in preparation for "energy transducing minerals"
related to influences of EMF's on DNA-level, heat shock proteines, Ca-efflux
in cells and hormones.
It is our planning to look for companies and researchers to elaborate  the
working principles of these "energy transducing minerals", to publish
scientifically and to apply these concepts in the market, targeting to avoid
negative influences of non ionizing radiation on human beings.

With kind regards,

Hans Geesink.

Ir. H. Geesink,
 Innovative Materials
 P.O. Box 18, 6160 MD Geleen
 The Netherlands
 Telephone (31) 46 4761754
 Telefax (31) 46 4767569
 E-mail hans.geesink@dsm.com
 Internet www.dsm.com

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