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Fwd: Regarding EcoFarm comments in March E-Zine from SFI

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Greetings Elaine -

Regarding the March SFI E-Zine with comments on
compost tea at EcoFarm 2003.

I attended the compost tea forum at EcoFarm 2003.

Brantlee Richter from BBC Labs spoke along with
Joel Reiten with Bejo Seeds.  The topic focused on
pathogen concerns and biosafety.   They both had really
good advice and the presentations were well balanced.  
Basically, background information on E. coli and 
best management practices for compost teas

There was one fellow in the audience who did, I think,
take his opportunity to question the gist of BBC Labs
research and/or viewpoint. Frankly, he came across to me
as an "early convert" to the SFI-soilfoodweb experience.  

Yet, I walked out with Amigo Cantisano and he was in a good
mood.  We both commented that compost teas practitioners
need this kind of educational information on pathogen concerns
and best management practices to avoid any problems.  The 
feeling was pretty normal conference flow, one good
session, time for another.   

Frankly, I value what Vickie Bess and Brantlee Richter
also bring to microbial education, evaluation of compost
teas, promoting healthy soils and so forth.  

There is more than one way to skin a catfish, as we say
down South.

Harry McCormick was in attendance at EcoFarm that
year and he attended the compost tea forum as well as
the vermicompost workshop. That year I also got to meet 
Leon Hussey and Michael Alms and Alison Kutz-Troutman, 
etc. That was also the year that Gil Carandang and myself 
put on the IM (Indigenous Microorganisms)workshop which 
received a lot of interest.  Carl Rosato put on his
own soils seminar.  

It appears you can get a recording of the EcoFarm sessions
on cassette tape and listen in for yourself as to content.

Audio Tape Order // 2003 Ecological Farming Conference

Best regards,

Steve Diver
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