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Re: BD Now! Soil EC meters to measure phosphorus and more.... Univ of Missouri research

I thought this was interesting, because the pocket EC meter
is used in ecofarming.

Pike Agri-Lab Supplies has an interpretive chart that
shows plant tissue sap tests based on EC, pH, and Brix.

Bruce Tainio has a chart on BrixTalk that shows
optimum plant sap pH..... correlated to anion or cation
storage problems and susceptibility to insect and disease

Under ecofarming, you can adjust with soil and foliar
amendments to enhance crop vitality.... thus avoiding
pests and  disease.... thus enhancing food quality and
Brix and so forth.....  at least that's the idea...

Did you know that Tainio uses the pH chart, but the
original work is based on frequencies of all the atoms

Interesting correlations here and there....
Not really sure how this Missouri test works, but there
might be a connecting idea to pursue some day...

Steve Diver

Scientists Explore Applications for Soil Conductivity Testing
Missouri Ag Connection - 04/16/2004

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