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[SANET-MG] Protozoa and plant growth: the microbial loop in soil revisited | New Phytologist

Here is a new article in the prestigious Tansley Reviews series, from
New Phytologist, on protozoa and plant growth... to add to your
soil biota / soil foodweb toolbox.


Steve Diver


Protozoa and plant growth: the microbial loop in soil revisited

A Tansley Review

New Phytologist
Volume 162 Issue 3 Page 617 - June 2004

Michael Bonkowski

Rhizosphere Ecology Group, Institut für Zoologie, Technische Universität
Darmstadt, Germany



I. The rhizosphere   interface of microbial and faunal interactions

II. Microfauna and plant growth

III. Victims and benefactors: how grazers affect bacterial community

IV. Nonmotile plants with flexible strategies

V. Case study: root foraging and microfaunal activity

VI. Friend or foe? Microbial signals and the manipulation of root

VII. Carbon is the currency: microfauna interactions with mycorrhiza

VIII. The plant bridging above- and below-ground processes

IX. From microscale to macroscale: interactions at the plant community level

X. Conclusions and future research




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