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[permaculture] Invasives --URL, theme for Perm Activist?

Sorry about the faulty URL to the lecture notes on invasion biology. My email program truncates long lines and the URL was broken in two.  

This should work:

If that doesn't work, here is the link in two parts.  You can paste them together in your browser's address window:

You can find the above link and many others at:

It's wonderful to read permaculture discussions about "invasives", e.g. about kudzu, filled with observations, openness and humor. 

"Invasives" seems to be a hot topic. I wonder if would be a good theme for an upcoming issue of Permaculture Activist?   Permaculturalists might be well placed to talk about invasives since they are commited to:

1) Observation of the natural world
2) Human intervention in the form of gardening, landscape design, etc.
3) Environmentalism and sustainability

Such an issue might be of broad interest to the outside world.
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