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BD Now! Two books on ethers and etheric formative forces, Steiner theory

These two books are essential for biodynamic understanding
of Steiner's theory on ethers and etheric formative forces.  

I think you can get a reprint of Washsmuth from
Borderlands.. ...   http://www.borderlands.com

The Etheric Formative Forces in Cosmos, Earth, and Man.  1932.  By
Gunther Wachsmuth.  Anthroposophic Press, New York.  250 p.

The Four Ethers: Contributions to Rudolf Steiner's Science of the Ethers,
Elements-Ethers-Formative Forces.  1984.  By Ernst Marti.  Rudolf Steiner
Press, Great Britain.

Interestingly, "Grasp the Nettle" has a very succinct summary
of the etheric formative forces, using the colors and shapes
of Wachsmuth as I recall.   It is explained in a practical way
by Peter Proctor.

Wachsmuth was Steiner's personal assistant.  He also
wrote the biography "The Life and Work of Rudolf Steiner
 From the Turn of the Century to his Death."

Likewise, Steiner had plenty of earlier studies in
Theosophy and there may be key sources among
the early day esoteric literature.

Steve Diver


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