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Re: [SANET-MG] Radionics in Agriculture

"Joe" -

Radionics is a regular part of quantum agriculture, but QA
is naturally a small percentage of sustainable farming.

Complementary and alternative medicine is far more
adaptive of subtle energy practices that agriculture as a
field, so you can learn a lot by reading holistic health
practitioner literature.

There are plenty of resources and technology to support
radionics in agriculture.  

You might want to know that many oldtimers on Sanet won't
put much effort into replies for anonymous emailers and
one-named emailers. Basically, the more you participate
and provide contextual details, the better it gets.

Steve Diver

joe wrote:
Hello all,
I have just finished watching the "Radionics in Agriculture" sampler video tape which I purchased through "Acres U.S.A", as taught by Arden Andersen. I'd be interested in hearing feedback from someone who has done the full course and uses this method in farming. I've read Hugh Lovel's articles on the subject.
Thanks,  Joe



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