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Re: [SANET-MG] citation for greenhouse study comparing impact organic/conventional soil on plant health?

That was a study published by Larry Phelan and
others in Ohio.

Phelan, P.L., J.F. Mason, and B.R. Skinner. 1995. Soil fertility
management and host preference by European corn borer,
Ostrinia nubilalis (Hubner), on Zeamays L.: A comparison
of organic and conventionalchemical farming. Agriculture,
Ecosystems and Environment. Vol. 56. p. 1-8.

This ATTRA piece provides a quick summary.

Organic Sweet Corn Production

"It is interesting to note that ECB is one pest problem directly
affected by soil management and fertilization. Researchers at
Ohio State University collected soils from three sets of
neighboring farms that had a history of conventional (inorganic
fertilizers, pesticide inputs, and corn-soybean rotations) and
organic (animal manures and forage-based, long-term rotations)
management. The soil samples were placed in pots and each
soil type was amended for nitrogen using [1] ammonium nitrate
[2] fresh dairy-cow manure, or [3] no amendment. The
potted corn plants were raised in a greenhouse, where ECP
adults were released twice per week. The researchers observed
preferential egg- laying: ECB adults laid 18 times as many eggs
on potted plants with soils from conventionally managed
farms, as on potted plants with soils from organically managed
farms. This study confirms similar observations made in the
late 1970s during research comparing organic and conventional
farms in the western Corn Belt."

Also see:

Phelan, P.L., K.H. Norris, and J.F. Mason.  1996.
Soil-management history and host preference by Ostrinia
nubilalis: Evidence for plant mineral balance mediating
insect-plant interactions. Environmental Entomology.
Vol. 25, No. 6.  p.p. 1329-1336.

Steve Diver

Laura Lengnick wrote:
Hi folks,

Can anyone send me the citation for some greenhouse research done about 10 years ago, in Ohio, that reported less pest pressure on plants grown in soil taken from an organic farm compared to conventionally managed soils?

I think the soil came from the Spray Brothers farm and the plant was corn.  Can't remember the pest.

Thanks for any info about this research!




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