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[permaculture] Urban Aquaculture; CABI book, June 2005

Add this book to your urban / integrated aquaculture collection.

Steve Diver


Urban Aquaculture

Edited by B A Costa-Pierce, Department of Fisheries, Animal
and Veterinary Science, and Rhode Island Sea Grant College
Program, University of Rhode Island, USA;

A Desbonnet, Rhode Island Sea Grant College Program,
University of Rhode Island, USA;

P Edwards, Agricultural and Aquatic Systems Program,
Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand;

D Baker, New York Sea Grant, Cornell University, USA

June 2005
304 pages

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Main Contents

A Future Urban Ecosystem Incorporating Urban Aquaculture for
Wastewater Treatment and Food Production, B Costa-Pierce
and A Desbonnet

Viewing Urban Aquaculture as an Agroindustry, G Lutz,
Louisiana State University, USA

The Evolution of Urban Aquaculture in Asia

Opportunities and Constraints to Urban Aquaculture, with
a Focus on South and Southeast Asia, D C Little and S W
Bunting, University of Stirling, UK

Development Status of Prospects for Wastewater-fed
Aquaculture in Urban Environments, P Edwards

Peri-Urban Aquaculture and Poor Livelihoods in Kolkata,
India, S W Bunting, N Kundu and M Mukherjee, Government
of West Bengal, India

Wastewater-based Urban Aquaculture systems in Ho Chi
Minh City, Vietnam, P Van Minh, Asian Institute of Technology,
Vietnam, and N De Pauw, Ghent University, Belgium

Wastewater Reuse Through Urban Aquaculture in Hanoi,
Vietnam: Status and Prospects, V Quy Hoan, Hanoi
Agricultural University, Vietnam, and P Edwards

The Evolution of Urban Aquaculture in Europe and North America

The Emergence of Urban Aquaculture in Europe, S W Bunting
and D C Little

Competitive Potential for USA Urban Aquaculture Products, M B
Timmons, Cornell University, USA

Commercially Feasible Urban Recirculating Aquaculture: Addressing
the Marine Sector, Y Zohar, Y Tal, H Schreier, C Steven, J Stubblefield
and A Place, University of Maryland, USA

Shrimp Culture In Urban, Superintensive Closed Systems, C Browdy,
Marine Resources Institute, Charleston, USA, and S Moss, The Oceanic
Institute, USA

Aquaculture of the Florida Bay Scallop, Argopecten irradians concentricus,
in Tampa Bay Florida (USA): An Urban Estuary, N Blake, University of
South Florida, USA

Four Years of Recirculating Aquaculture In Boston Harbor, USA,
C A Goudey and B M Moran, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

The Progress and Potentials of Urban Aquaculture Education

Urban Aquaculture in Brooklyn, New York, USA, M P Schreibman
and C B Zarnoch, Brooklyn College, CUNY, USA

Growing A Future Crop of Aquaculturists: Creating An Urban Aquaculture
Education Program in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA, J J Roy, The Sound
School, New Haven, USA

Science in Action: Tools for Teaching Urban Aquaculture Concepts, J A
Frederick, Center of Marine Biotechnology, Baltimore, USA

Urban Aquaculture: A Necessary Reality, J K Buttner, Salem
State College, USA

Ecolobelling and Urban Aquaculture, C A Roheim, University
of Rhode Island, USA


Aquaculture in Future Urban Ecosystems, A Desbonnet and
B Costa-Pierce


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