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[compost_tea] Re: Tea additives, Tea Power

It is customary to include your name with email
requests.  It could also be helpful to know
about your scale of production, crops grown,
brewing methods and goals, and so forth.

Tea Power was listed on this list a few weeks ago. 
The post included full address and contact details
as well as important background information on the
source compost and context of the tea additives.

If you are a serious brewer prepared to make
250 gallons at a time for your farm, then you
can check it out for yourself and experience
Tea Power as part of a whole package approach
to soil testing, soil fertility, humus management,
compost tea making, and compost tea testing that
the company selling Tea Power offers. 

If you are a gardener just asking questions,
you go to their web page and learn about it further.

I'm hopeful Midwest Bio-Systems will sell people a
1 unit box of their compost + vermicast blend,
without purchasing the whole set of Tea Power
additives, just to obtain the Luebke-style compost
for experimentation and experience. 


Midwest Bio-Systems


Steve Diver

--- In compost_tea@yahoogroups.com, "savenmoney" <rogers@v...> wrote:
> Has anybody used a additive called Tea Power Catalyst.  If you have
> what is in it and how does it work. I think it is $25 a gallon and
> gallon would do 250 gallons of tea.

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