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[EM-Ag] Matthew Wood Bokashi Demonstration - Burbank,CA

Hi Group,
I just received this announcement from SCD World about Matthew Wood
speaking in Burbank, CA on Sat. July 31.  See below for details.

Sustainable Community Development will be in your area this week?.

Come and see Matthew Wood speak about EM and Bokashi!

Where? The Bubank Recycling Center, 500 S. Flower (between Alameda &
Olive) 818-841-9700

What?   Bokashi Workshop (open to the general public)

When?  July 31 @ 10 am -Sharp!

Why?   To demonstrate what Bokashi is, how it works, and to encourage
others to try it!                                    

BOKASHI is a all-purpose beneficial microbial inoculate. "BOKASHI" is
a Japanese word which means "fermented organic matter". BOKASHI has
traditionally been used by Japanese farmers as a soil amendment to
increase the microbial diversity and activity of soils and supply
nutrients to plants.

Ingredients: Water, wheat bran, molasses, effective microorganisms

In general, apply BOKASHI at a rate of 200 grams per square meter on
the surface of the soil. For soils that have low fertility or little
organic matter, use up to 1 kilogram per square meter. Sprinkle in
house plants one or two times per month.


*          Compost Starter

*          Fermentation Starter

*          Soil Conditioner

*          Beneficial Microbial Inoculate


Use BOKASHI to cultivate the beneficial and effective microorganisms
and eliminate foul odors in your house plants, garden, lawn, worm
bin, compost pile, KITCHEN COMPOSTER, composting toilet and more.

When you use BOKASHI to maintain high populations of beneficial and
effective microorganisms in the soil, they will:

*          Promote germination, flowering, fruiting and ripening in

*          Improve physical, chemical and biological environments in
the soil and help to eliminate soil-borne pathogens and pests

*          Enhance the photosynthetic capacity of plants

*          Ensure better germination and plant establishment

*          Increase the effectiveness of organic materials as

*          Eliminate putrefactive soil that stresses plants



Jessica Blythe

Sustainable Community Development

P.O. Box 15155

Kansas City, MO 64106

tel: (913) 541-9299

fax: (816) 876-2261

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