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[permaculture] Dr. James Duke's database on Minor Economic Plant Species

Add this to your Permaculture Archives.  Perhaps the organization
herein can be useful as a framework in the PC Database effort

The following PDF is a 19-page summary by Dr. James Duke
regarding an economic botany database; an appendix to the
OTA publication "Plants: The Potential for Extracting Protein,
Medicines, and Other Useful Chemicals."

It has sections that look like permaculture plant lists, etc.

It has a climate section with Holdridge Life Zones, etc.
It looks similar to an article in one of Dan Hemenway's
earlier "The International Permaculture Species Yearbooks."

It has ecosystematic data.

It has nutritional and ethnomedicinal data.

It has an agroforestry section.

The USDA Economic Botany Laboratories Data Base on
Minor Economic Plant Species


Plants: The Potential for Extracting Protein, Medicines, and Other Useful Chemicals
HTML Index to Chapters and Appendices


The OTA Legacy

A complete collection of OTA (Office of Technology Assessement)
publications and additional materials, archived online at
Princeton University.

Steve Diver

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