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Re: Greywater For Farm/Home Use

Hi Misha -

Thanks for all those good resources and thoughts
on sustainable living.

ATTRA does offer this new 36-page publication by
Barbara Bellows, relating to water quality.

Protecting Water Quality on Organic Farms

Likewise, see constructed wetlands which is a graywater
biofiltration process.

Constructed Wetlands

Rainwater catchment, graywater, water re-use through
constructed wetlands, living machines, and aquaponics.....
this topic goes on and on.

Then you can throw in the holistic views on water....
Flow Forms, Theodore Schwenk, Viktor
Schauberger, Masaru Emoto, qualitative bioassay
methods, revitalized water, enlivened water....  and it
opens a lot of doors for ecosystem recovery.

Ocean Arks Int'l has an interesting site on wastewater treatment,
which has this item I like:

12 Principles For Designing Natural Wastewater Treatment Systems

Steve Diver