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Re: [SANET-MG] CO2 Extraction - Soil Testing

Hi Steve B.,

My exposure leads to the same sources.

It originated in Arizona and the commercial lab
that employs this method is TPSL.

K. Chandler himself would be a good source, which you
know from first-hand experience.

A trip to an agricultural library might turn up something.  
There are a number of soil analysis manuals
and handbooks, some older and some newer.

What is helpful to know is that K. Chandler says
that CO2 extraction mimics nutrient availability
to plant roots, which is the same thing the lab advisors
who were students of Carey Reams say about the
Morgan Extract.

Steve Diver

Steve Bridges wrote:
Can anyone provide me with a description, or leads for more information, on the CO2 Extraction Method of soil testing? And how it compares with other extraction methods?
This type of soil testing originated under Dr. Albin D. Lengyel, at the University of Arizona during the 1970's. The only lab that I know of that uses this type of soil extraction is the Texas Plant and Soil Lab.
I've searched the web and come up empty handed. Any help would be appreciated.
Steve Bridges



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