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Re: [SANET-MG] soybean rust a new dread

The eventual arrive of soybean rust has been tracked
for several years.

The organic soybean industry has likewise been following
soybean rust, and USDA has facilitated networking to
see what strategies should be explored.

Fungicides are the primary control in conventional soybean

Organically approved fungicides -- such as those on the
OMRI List -- will likewise be the main approach taken
in organic production.

Germplasm resistance is not too great.

Cultural practices don't amount to much, either.

Steve Diver

James Kotcon wrote:

        The more important issues is how should soybean rust be managed,
now that it is here.  This will prove especially critical for organic
growers who cannot rely on synthetic fungicides, even if they were a good
idea.  Does anyone have suggestions for organically approved remedies
organic soybean growers might use?  Or that researchers should be


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