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Re: [SANET-MG] Phosphorus availability (was Loss of Minerals)


> I'd like to pick up on a hint that someone mentioned in this
> thread. I'd like to learn more about how phosphorus changes
> from "available" to "unavailable."  I've long believed that
> microbs are involved but would like to know more about how to
> encourage the conversion to "availability."

At the Agronomy Society meetings last month in Seattle I heard an
interesting talk by Shabtai Bittman (Agassiz, British Columbia) "Do
arbuscular mycorrhizae improve P uptake and growth of corn on manured
soils?" He showed that you can get early season deficiency even when
there is plenty of P in the soil if the VA mycorrhizae are disrupted.
Corn, and many crops are dependent on these fungi to get P from the
soil.  Tillage chops up the network and it takes a few weeks to
reestablish it.  Dr. Bittman knows a lot about mycorrhizae, and might
be a good source of information.

> As for the Loss of Minerals thread, I'm disappointed at how
> quickly it degenerated into personal attacks and counter attacks.

Yeah, all this stuff is interesting technically, I am more intereted in
that than in personal attacks.


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