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Re: [SANET-MG] Economic Growth (and Neoclassical Economics) vs. Sustainability

--- Brian Czech <brianczech@STEADYSTATE.ORG> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am new to the list. ...
> I?ve come to view economic growth as not only the
> biggest problem facing biodiversity conservation but as
> a major threat to national security and international
> stability. ...
> I was glad to see the recent exchange on the merits of
> mainstream economics for sustainability purposes.  My
> thoughts on that are provided in Shoveling Fuel.

When you play a game where others make the rules, they get to
make a rule that says "you always lose no matter what you do."

The game of economics is created where others make all the rules
and it includes that one about you always losing.

If you care about conservation biology you need to make up
entirely new games that only has winners, no losers at all.

The game as it has been is that nothing larger than a rabbit can
further evolve on North America: the genepools are too small,
the habitats too fragmented or degraded, the migration pathways
chopped and blocked, all the good waterholes taken or spoiled.
Any time spent on that game, even fighting it, makes you a
certified loser perpetually and eternally.

If you want biodiversity to win, then you need a new game with a
set of win-win propositions. Diversity wins, people win.

Here's how the new game is played:
RULE #1: Palaces for the People, upgraded lifestyles, upgraded
living standards, right-sized human habitats where the jobs,
stores, destinations are commuted to the people in dense
mixed-use eco-villages, eco-cities.
RULE #2: Ecological Synergy Agriculture, right-sized compact,
productive, featuring 60 to 200 lifeforms from five kingdoms of
life into short-chain Integrated Biological Systems (IBS) food
webs. 2 to 5 acres feeds 100 people a whole balanced diet.
RULE #3: Solar PV Breeders, using photon power to melt rocks to
make more PV cells.

The way the game is played is you mix and match those three
rules until you get it right, until it all works together. You
know when you've got it right by the fact that agricultural land
shrinks by 75% but people all eat better while farmers status
improves in society, by everybody on earth having a secure
comfortable home with all the utilities provided, and no more
pollution from transportation or industry.

You know you have won the game when there are no more anoxic
dead zones in the oceans, no more species being added to the red

The new game is played without one single stick of lumber
necessary to build cities of more than 1,000,000 people, and
forests can grow unmolested to draw down excessive CO2 levels
back out of the red zone.

When you get tired of always losing, click the links below...

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Sincerely, Lion Kuntz
Santa Rosa, California, USA
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http://www.ecosyn.us/Welcome/ (currently under construction)
http://www.ecosyn.us/Interesting/ (available now)
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