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Re: [SANET-MG] Tsunami relief

D.Parthasarathy wrote: " However I would state
> that once the immediate relief is taken care of, and we enter the phase of
> rehabilitation and reconstruction, that is when there would be greater
> scope for external experts to come in and help."

Thanks for the insightful observations from someone with firsthand
experience of the tsunami disaster. As we've all heard in news reports,
disease outbreaks from water contamination and lack of toilets is a serious
problem that will continue for some time. Disruption of agricultural
production is also  significant. It seems to me there may be an opportunity
for the introduction of composting toilets to address both problems. The
simple bucket toilet system promoted by Joseph Jenkins in The Humanure
Handbook (www.jenkinspublishing.com) could be implemented quickly and
inexpensively, providing improved sanitary toilet facilities where there are
none, and encouraging the return of valuable plant nutrients to the soil. I
have suggested this idea to several disaster relief agencies, but so far no
response. Any ideas from this discussion group on how composting toilets
might be encouraged in the devastated areas are appreciated.

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