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[permaculture] Re: Biosphere 2 Redux...

on 1/10/05 9:01 AM, permaculture-request@lists.ibiblio.org at
permaculture-request@lists.ibiblio.org wrote:

> - Would be nice if B2 could be donated to the Permaculture Institute on behalf
> of the
> greater Permaculture world community.

Sorry.... I should have researched my last comment about the $1 million
heating bill.... I remembered hearing something on NPR.  And, in Arizona,
it's not just heating, but cooling as well that makes the electrical meter

Here's a quote from Scientific American, two years back, that puts the power
bill at about $600,000 a year...

> Young mentions the enormous cost of controlling the tide and keeping the
> various plots at the right temperature; the energy bill runs about $50,000 a
> month, according to the communications office. Without the cooling and
> ventilation system, things get hot quickly under the unrelenting desert sun.
> Once when the local power grid failed, Young recalls, the rain forest shot
> from 85 to 120 degrees F in just 15 minutes.


The Biosphere 2 project is as Over-Funded as it is Badly Designed.  Compared
with the fantastic research on Earth Arks done by Dr. John Quinney... Who
was a pioneer in the North American Permaculture movement, BTW.... And
others at the New Alchemy Institute back in the '70s...


Along with Soleri's work at Arcosanti, which is the epitome of Permaculture
design and ethical principles realized in the Urbanized Architectural


Biosphere 2 is a $200 million Parody of Sustainability.   I think of it as
the "evil twin" of Arcosanti... You might as well think of it as a
structural form of "disinformation" built by a Texas Oil Billionaire as an
experiment in "off planet" living.  Consider the freaking source here!  Not
to mention the bizzare intent....to "re-invent" the planet for use somewhere
else.  Geezuzz!!!!!

The best thing that came out of Biosphere 2 was a Pauly Shore movie.  And I
don't thing much of Pauly Shore.

Biosphere 2 really pisses me off.   It always has.



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