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[SANET-MG] 2005 Small Grants Program for Organic Research


Here is a brand new grant program that provides
up to $5,000 to develop research proposals on organic
farming research, from The Organic Center for Education
and Promotion.

A brief excerpt is provided below. Please go to
the Organic Center's web page for full details.


Steve Diver


2005 Organic Center Proposal Preparation
Small Grant Program

The Organic Center for Education and Promotion (the Center) is
offering grants up to $5,000.00 for research teams working to
develop proposals for submission to public or private research
programs. To be eligible for consideration, the scientific focus
of requests for a proposal preparation grant must fall within
the Center’s 2005 research priorities:

* Impacts of organic production methods and systems on the
nutrient content and antioxidant capacity of food.

* Development and application of novel experimental models
and methods to measure and compare the nutritional quality
and safety of organic and conventional foods using either in
vitro or in vivo methods.

Applicants may seek proposal preparation grants to develop
proposals for submission to any government competitive
research grant program or private foundation.

The criteria for review and approval of requests for proposal
preparation grants are:

1. Track record and past research interests of the research team leaders.
2. Relevance of proposed work to Organic Center research priorities.
3. Likelihood of success in receiving funding.
4. Diversity and depth of the team proposing to carry out the research.

A major goal of the Center’s small grant proposal preparation
program is to encourage scientists carrying out research focusing
on one dimension of the performance of farming systems and/or
food quality and safety to diversify and broaden research teams,
experimental designs, and laboratory methods to allow additional
hypotheses to be tested relevant to the actual or potential future
benefits of organic food and farming systems.

Full details are located here:

The Organic Center for Education and Promotion
- 2005 Small Grants Program for Organic Research


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