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Items listed in a black box like this one are EARTH TOOLS Exclusives!

bcs tillers, bcs sickle bars, bcs lawn mowers, bcs snowblowers, bcs brush mowers, bcs sweepers, bcs chipper / shredder , bcs mini-trenchers,
bcs attachments & bcs accessories
 rotary plows, mini hay balers, hay rakes, spaders, cultivators, flail mowers, seeder, potato digger plow, utility trailers and more!

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Walk-behind tractors (also called walking, 2-wheel or hand tractors) are used worldwide for small-scale farm, horticultural, industrial, landscaping and home use. Unlike the psuedo-professional equipment of the same physical size produced for the U.S. Market such as the DR® and Troy-Bilt®, European two-wheel tractors are built to standards of quality and durability expected of agricultural equipment. Like a 4-wheel farm tractor, these rugged two-wheel machines are designed to run many attachments with a single power source and give thousands of hours of service. Of the 30 or so companies manufacturing 2-wheel tractors in Europe, BCS is by far the largest. Based in Milan, Italy, BCS has been selling their equipment for over 50 years in 80 countries and has over 500 dealers in North America. Grillo S.p.A. in Italy has also been manufacturing walk-behind tractors for close to 50 years and actually had a partnership with BCS for several years.

Earth Tools, located near the population center of the U.S. in Kentucky, differs from all the other walk-behind tractor dealers in North America in several ways:

1. More Implements: In addition to the implements normally offered by BCS in America, we offer many implements designed specifically for agricultural use. (See Equipment Catalog.)
   2. Engine Options: We offer a selection of custom installed engines on all models including Honda and Diesel engines.
3. Experience Counts: We have been using, selling & servicing walk-behind tractors since 1977. BCS America regularly calls us for consultation! 4. Service & Parts: We provide complete service on all equipment we sell. Earth Tools keeps over $50,000 worth of spare parts in stock, including parts for ACME engines found on older BCS machines. See Acme Engine Parts. 5. Replacement Engines: We carry a full line of gasoline and diesel replacement engines to fit all BCS walk-behind tractors. We also carry conversion kits to convert older BCS machines to current engines. See our Equipment Catalog for engine options.
   6. Price: Discounted prices on all tractors, implements and accessories. Multi-attachment "package" discounts available.
7. Reasonable Shipping: For customers beyond driving distance, we offer equipment shipped 99% assembled at very reasonable rates. All tractors fully assembled & test run by us prior to shipping.



1525 Kays Branch Road
Owenton, KY  40359

(502) 484-3988 tel.
(502) 484-3357 fax.


NOTE REGARDING HOLIDAY CLOSINGS: Earth Tools will be closed annually on Labor Day and the entire remainder of that week. Earth Tools will be closed from December 24th through New Year’s Day
(will re-open next business day after New Year’s Day).

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