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[Market-farming] tomato cracking


[Market-farming] tomato cracking

Steve Diver steved at ncat.org
Sat Feb 12 17:54:01 EST 2005
Jim Motes, vegetable specialist in Oklahoma, says that
soil moisture regulation with the two-tensiometer method
combined with drip irrigation can help prevent tomato
cracking.   One is placed at 6" depth and the second at 12".  
There are charts that explain how to regulate irrigation,
based on tensiometer readings.

Two quick Extension fact sheets that might be helpful.

Drip Irrigation for Vegetables, MF1090
Kansas State University

Irrigation Scheduling with Tensiometers, FS657
Rutgers University


Steve Diver


I'm hoping that black plastic mulch with drip irrigation will
help a bit with the cracking.  Some cooperation from mother
nature wouldn't hurt, either!


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