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[Market-farming] kinsey ag


[Market-farming] kinsey ag

Steve Diver steved at ncat.org
Fri Feb 11 15:28:20 EST 2005
ATTRA has many more resources on alternative
fertility management systems that what you see
on its web page.   The best way to find out
what exists beyond the web sources is to call
and talk to a specialist by phone.

In response to farmer queries, we are working
too fast to "publish" every topic as a formal item.

The publications are a starting point, but to get
to the in-depth and detailed resources, we compile
resource packets.  The material on fertility management
systems from William Albrecht, Carey Reams, Phil
Callahan, and others pioneers are central to the
eco-farming pillars of Humus Farming, Mineral
Balancing, and Vibrational Physics.

Likewise, we are working with farmers who are too
poor to own a computer.  Email and web pages don't
serve these people, directly.  Print medium is still far
more extensive than web-based information.

Kinsey was a direct student of William Albrecht.
He obtained Albrecht's equations for calculating
fertilizer recommendations according to the
base cation saturation ratio.   Mineral balancing sets
the stage for chemistry to provide the building blocks
for soil structure, clay flocculation, and nutrient exhange
so microbes can do the rest of the work in relation to
plant roots, clay-humus complex, nutrient availability, and
nutritional quality of food, forage, and feed.  


Steve Diver


Here's ATTRA's list of alternative soil labs:
http://attra.ncat.org/attra-pub/soil-lab.html (interesting that it
contains neither Jerry Brunetti nor Logan Labs. As usual, ATTRA is
the place to START your research, but not a place to stop your

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