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Re: [SANET-MG] Kirlian Photography


The way Kirlian photography works is you hook the subject up to a
source of high frequency high voltage electricity and photograph the
corona discharge, usually by having the ions from the discharge impinge
on the film.  Have you ever seen those glass globe discharge lamps in
stores, with a glowing electrode inside.  When you put your hand on the
glass, the corona discharge inside the globe jumps to your hand and
makes a glowing fringe.  You can't make kirlian photos with those
lamps, but the principle is similar.


The main thing you need to make kirlian photographs is a small tesla



--- Heide Hermary <heidehermary@PACIFICCOAST.NET> wrote:

> Thank you Steve - some of the most fascinating research I have read
> in a 
> long time.
> I will be evaluating  the effect of the First Envirosafety Cleaner on
> plant health / vitality.  Several researchers have claimed that the 
> product makes plants healthier and grow at enormous rates, aside from
> washing off insects, cure virus infestions, etc. I thought Kirlian 
> photography might shed some light on what's happening.
> Now: does anyone have a Kirlian camera I can rent for a few weeks??
> Heide

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