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[permaculture] Hurricane bioremediation

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Subject: 	[USCC] Hurricane bioremediation
Date: 	Tue, 06 Sep 2005 12:11:33 -0500
From: 	Steve Diver <steved@ncat.org>
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To: 	US Composting Council Compost Discussion List 
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There are several strategies that come to mind.

A fleet of solar-powered aquatic fountains can be
placed in the cesspool-like flood waters.  Aeration
and agitation is a standard wastewater treatment.
Stagnant pond water is universally improved by
use of these aquatic fountains.

EM (Effective Microorganisms) is a microbial tool for
emergency bioremediation of cesspool-like flood waters,
polluted waterways, tsunami and hurricane relief,
dead bodies, and probiotic human health for relief

The EM microbial consortia can help prevent pathogenic
microorganisms from proliferating in stagnant, warm,
polluted waters, as well as help return water to better
quality conditions.  Dead bodies can be immediately
doused with EM while transporting and during storage,
until they can be properly handled, to cut down on
putrid odors.   EM bokashi balls and EM donuts
can quickly be deposited into canals and water ways. 
Liquid EM can be applied through aerial applications.

Microbial products geared to oilfield spills are apparently
being brought to New Orleans.  These often contain
phototrophic bacteria, as well.

Ozonation using mobile units is another technology that
might be helpful.

Lake Pontrartrain itself will need bioremediation treatment
since the flood waters are being pumped back into the lake.

The floating rafts developed as living machine technology
by Ocean Arks International -- using aquatic plants
in floating rafts, roots, and bacteria as biofilters -- also
combined with aquatic fountains for aeration, would be
beneficial.  They are employed in polluted urban canals
in China, for example.

The mountain of wood debris is another topic altogether,
which the USCC members may have ideas in terms of
giant wood shredding and composting operations.

A few observations, for what it's worth.

Steve Diver
Northwest Arkansas

Eric Lancaster wrote:

>Speaking of heinous stench, how are the composting 
>organizations coordinating efforts in 
>the South for the hurricane cleanup?
>Eric Lancaster
>EM America

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