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[SANET-MG] copper side effects on soil fungi

dear colleagues,
I am achieving literature work on side effects of copper ions on soil-borne entomopathogenic fungi (beauveria, metarhizium, paecilomyces, verticillium ...) ;
indeed, copper in organic farming is widely used, especially on perennial crops, and its accumulation leads to high pollution and decrease of many spontaneous biocontrol agents such as fungi or bacteria ;
these ones are very important for controlling pests diapausing in soils, such as the olive fruit fly which is of main importance.
I would then like you to tell me whether you know of publications or teams focusing on effects of copper on soil-borne fungi, entomopathogenic ones especially ;
I thank you for any information you may provide,
best regards, F. WARLOP

Groupe de Recherche en Agriculture Biologique
Maison de la Bio - BP 1222
84911 AVIGNON cedex 9 - FRANCE
tel : (+33) 04 90 84 01 70
fax : (+33) 04 90 84 00 37




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