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[SANET-MG] Organic Food Chain Management

Hello folks,

Some of you may be interested in a new academic program that I learned about
a few weeks ago at the World Congress of Soil Science...




Organic Food Chain Management - The New M. Sc. Programme at the University
of Hohenheim, Germany, starting in October 20

Sustainability meets Quality

Consumers are increasingly interested in the quality of their food and the
manner in which it is produced. For this reason, more and more food is
produced and processed according to the standards of organic farming. As the
market for organic products is a growing sector on a world wide scale, there
is an increasing need for experts to provide knowledge of organic food chain
management, including primary food production, food technology,
certification and quality control. To meet this demand, the University of
Hohenheim now offers the M. Sc. Programme "Organic Food Chain Management".
This programme will prepare people of all nationalities for these
challenging tasks and offer them a competitive, state-of-the-art training.
The two-year M. Sc. programme "Organic Food Chain Management" comprises four
semesters, during which fifteen thematic modules and the Master Thesis are
to be completed. The language of instruction is English. The possibility to
combine the compulsory modules with different elective ones offers each
student the opportunity to tailor an individual profile according to his or
her own personal career aspirations. A personal mentor from the teaching
staff is assigned to advise on appropriate profiles and to ensure smooth and
goal-oriented study progress.
Each year, 40 students are admitted to the course. The application deadline
for the winter semester 2005/2006 is July 15th.

Currently, Hohenheim is the first university in Europe offering a master
programme with an emphasis on food chain management in the organic sector.

More information about the M. Sc. programme at

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