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Re: [permaculture] rock powders

Charles de Matas wrote:
"...I would like the contact for the one in FL."

Manko Company Inc
20985 W. Hwy 40
Dunnellon, FL 32630

(they have a PO box if you want to write to them:    PO Box 369  )


On Wednesday, November 15, 2006, at 07:52AM, "Charles de Matas" <cdematas@hotmail.com> wrote:
>Jody wrote:
>"I have the addresses for two soft rock phosphate sources, one in FL and one 
>ID if you want them. Unfortunately you can't just buy bags of it at the 
>store. It usually has to be purchased through a broker to get it in smaller
>amounts than a truckload."
>Yes, i would like the contact for the one in FL.
>Another question: what about volcanic ash?  I know in some countries where 
>there are volcanoes people sometimes use the ash to fertilize their crops.  
>Does anyone know more about this?  I sometimes think of trying to get 
>volcanic ash from other caribbean islands.  If it's acidic maybe I can 
>combine it with limestone dust.  Just one of those things I would like to 
>try out someday.
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