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[permaculture] Traditional Knowledge: New & Old - request for submissions.

Just a note to let you all know that the deadline dates mentioned below should be a month later than indicated. That is, April should be May, June should be July, etc. Proposals for articles are already coming in.  Thanks.

(Please excuse cross-posting)

What are the ancient and new patterns of knowledge, how are new traditions intitiated, what is the fate of old traditions? With the arise of mass communication and, especially the internet, knowledge, and its transmission, has been substantially altered and accelerated. Are we any smarter?  What is Knowledge anyway? What is a Knower? What is the role of Mystery?

Those are some of the questions we invite you to explore and elaborate upon for the Summer 2003 (deadline April 1) issue of the Permaculture Activist Magazine addressing the theme of "Traditional Knowledge: New & Old".

Possible subjects include:

Indigenous cultural practices of:
   fishing (note, too, that we seek stories on Aquaculture for the fall 2003 issue - June 15 deadline),
   education (we also need articles on the subject of Education for the winter 2003 issue - Sept 20 deadline)
   technology, etc.
Modern variants of the above
Emerging new "Traditions" and trends

. . . and so forth.

The magazine is primarily for a North American audience, but relevant
articles from other regions are welcome. Length is flexible, from 800-3000
words. Electronic submissions are preferred (MSWord is good), and accompanying graphics are
always appreciated. We cannot pay for submissions, but will provide you with
several copies of the issue in return. Ad exchanges are sometimes an option, too.

To submit ideas or articles, contact me at:

For more information on the magazine, visit

Keith Johnson
Editorial Guild

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