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Pacific Organics, Inc. is a consulting firm that works with companies to turn their wastes into assets. We specialize in the development and marketing of organic fertilizers and soil amendments derived from organic by-products.


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Pacific Organics Services


Market and material analysis

Pacific Organics can provide technical analysis of a by-product to assess its value in the marketplace. We can offer recommendations as to the best marketing opportunities for the material, both regionally and nationally.

Research and technical writing for natural fertilizers

Pacific Organics can write fertilizer labels, packaging, brochures and other technical and marketing materials. We also guide clients through the fertilizer label registration process with state agencies. Pacific Organics can even help develop your agricultural/horticultural web pages!

Technical representation for fertilizer customers

Pacific Organics can act as technical representative for fertilizer customers. This allows the producer of the fertilizer to concentrate on their core business while assuring them that their customers' technical needs are being met. It frees up staff and relieves the company of training time and expense.

How we work

Hourly consultations

On simple short-term projects we typically operate on a fixed hourly consultation fee. This allows clients to accomplish short-term objectives quickly and simply.

Project consultations

We can provide proposals to encompass entire projects so clients know what development costs are up front.

Joint product development agreements

This approach creates a working alliance between the client and Pacific Organics. Both companies benefit mutually from developing the best product possible. Product development agreements are negotiated to satisfy the needs of both companies from the beginning of the project.

Successful ventures

Fishery by-products

Fish waste from the fish processing industry is a major waste problem in the Pacific Northwest. In 1992 Pacific Organics teamed up with Bioproducts, Inc., a Pacific Northwest aquaculture feed company, to better use some of it's fish by-products. Pacific Organics formulated a line of natural fertilizers from these materials and identified target markets and distribution channels. An accelerated product development cycle allowed the company to begin selling fertilizers within a year. Making fertilizer during the slow months means fewer layoffs for its employees and a new product line to sell.

With Pacific Organics' help, Bioproducts was able to develop two fertilizer product lines, FishTown fertilizers for home use and BioGro fertilizers for commercial use. They were able to turn the disposal expense of former waste materials into a profit, make better use of their plant facilities, keep their employees working and produce a fertilizer that is good for the soil.

Mining by-products

Pacific Organics did initial analysis and formulation work on the by-product of gold mines in Southern Oregon. The owners of the mines had a material similar to zeolite, which has shown benefits as an supplement to fertilizer usage. Pacific Organics connected with local geological and soil scientists to confirm the benefits of this material. Then Pacific Organics formulated a line of natural fertilizers for use in the home lawn and garden market, which incorporates the correct proportions of this material. We also helped write product literature and packaging.

Food processing by-products

Pacific Organics consulted with a baby food manufacturer in Oregon which wanted to reduce disposal costs of fruit waste. We located and gained cooperation of local growers to apply the material to their land. Pacific Organics acted as a go-between to assure growers how this material would effect their soils.

Who we are

Rob Gould is the president and founder of Pacific Organics, Inc. Rob has been involved with the organic farm and garden market for over fifteen years, including operating his own retail store. He has represented several lines of natural fertilizers throughout the Pacific Northwest and has manufactured his own line of fertilizers using feed mill technology. Rob has designed and formulated five of the top selling natural fertilizer lines on the market today. He is also active on the organic farm certification advisory board that regulates the materials allowed in natural fertilizers.

Marcia Hoak MLS, is an information specialist and technical writer with wide experience in online searching and information retrieval. She heads our agricultural research section and can help you find information on the Internet or in online databases such as Dialog.

For more information rob@pacorganics.com

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