CARIVAM - The Caribbean Mycorrhizal Network was inaugurated at the 31st Annual Meeting of the Caribbean Food Crops Society (CFCS), Barbados, 9-14 July 1995.

CARIVAM is a network of Caribbean scientists studying mycorrhizae and agriculturalists interested in exploiting the benefits of mycorrhizal symbioses.


CARIVAM is coordinated through the Department of Biology at The University of the West Indies and periodic meetings will be held in association with future CFCS conferences and other regional meetings.


The aims of the network are to encourage collaboration, to share research results and to provide access to relevant literature. Also, to educate agriculturalists, horticulturalists and the general public on the benefits of mycorrhizae and sustainable agriculture.

Information and Registration

For more information and registration form contact:-

Dr. L.E. Chinnery (lec@caribnet.net) or Dr. S.B. Persad-Chinnery (spc@uwichill.edu.bb).

Smail to CARIVAM, c/o Dr. L.E. Chinnery, Department of Biology, The University of the West Indies, P.O.Box 64, Bridgetown, Barbados.

For additional information see

Mycorrhizae Research Group at The University of the West Indies

Other Mycorrhizal/Mycological Web Sites

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