Title: Greetings!

Greetings from Santa Barbara Heirloom Seedling Nursery!

PO Box 4235
Santa Barbara, California 93140
FAX (805)562-1248

We are a privately owned, organically certified heirloom seedling nursery.
Our greenhouses and trial gardens are nestled at 1500 feet elevation in a valley of the coastal
mountains of Santa Barbara, California. We overlook the Channel Islands rising out of a vast, ever
changing panorama of the Pacific Ocean. Our garden path winds its way up from the beach along a
narrow mountain road, through avocado and lemon groves, across creeks and into the chaparral,
bringing you to the most beautiful valley of oak woodlands. It is truly magnificent here!
We have a year-round, 99% frost-free micro climate, which combined with our deep
artesian spring water, allows us to grow sturdy, healthy seedlings.

We are a diverse group of people, JoAnna, Russ, Michael, Katee, Carlos and Bob, along with a cast of
characters, who are all key players in the life and success of Santa Barbara Heirloom Seedling Nursery

We passionately believe in heirloom seed diversity and sustainable agriculture.
We search the world over to locate authentic family or cultural heirloom seed stock which combines to
produce great taste, while providing us with a genetic and cultural continuity that extends back to the
origin of agriculture over 10,000 years ago. Some of our seed stock has been grown by the same families
for generation after generation since the mid-18th century. We, as well as other small seed
companies, have begun to save our seed diversity from being lost forever. We owe our success to small
backyard gardeners...who, with the labor of love, have been the shepherds of our cultural past. Our
ancestors had a fine eye and great taste. That is why these heirloom treasures
are still being grown and enjoyed today.

For your own garden, we are proud to offer you a wide variety of certified organically grown heirloom
seedlings that are fresh and alive with the energies poured into them by Mother Nature and us, as
humble stewards of a magical earth.

heirloom \'a(e)r-lum\n:
A valued possession passed down in a family through succeeding generations.

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To receive a copy of our catalogue by mail, please send your name and address 
along with $1 (refundable with your first order) to:
Santa Barbara Heirloom Seedling Nursery
P.O. Box 4235
Santa Barbara, California 93140

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