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Mission / Vision: Riverway's mission is to protect and restore the environment by finding,creating, and implementing lasting solutions that appeal to the self-interests of most of us folks. We work to replenish ecosystems that support all humans... and all life.

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How does Riverway work? We inspire people to take an active part in saving the planet by reaching them "where they live"--in the conscious self-interest that drives us all. Resolving environmental problems with solutions that appeal to our self-interests is a lot more fun, and effective, than typical confrontational approaches to conservation.

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Working with teams -- Two Riverway Breakthroughs:

Air pollution control, Santiago, Chile: By inspiring citizens through the self-interest of saving money in auto fuel costs and working with a government air pollution agency, Riverway introduced simple technology in tests that saved Chileans an average 9 percent in fuel consumption while reducing toxic emissions by at least 32 percent.

Healthy diet presentations, southwestern U.S.:We make inspiring and fun presentations to student groups and others demonstrating the connection between reduced consumption of meat and dairy products with increased longevity, improved health, losing weight while significantly helping the environment. Go to Riverway's diet facts sheet, for more information or to order a free Riverway bumper sticker .


Why Riverway?

Our name is inspired by the brilliance of rivers. Be it powerful and rushing or calm and gentle, the river always reaches its destination.

"The softest thing in the universe overcomes the hardest thing in the universe." Tao Te Ching

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