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Welcome to the Pacific Northwest Gardening Home Page!</CENTER>
<H2><CENTER>(It's what to do when it's too dark to garden.)</CENTER>
This is a place where those of us who are lucky enough to garden in the
Maritime Pacific Northwest can exchange ideas and information. Gardening
here is different from gardening in any other part of the country. Our mild
climate west of the Cascade Mountains allows us to grow an amazing variety
of plants and (with adequate rain gear) garden 12 months of the year. Since
many of the general gardening books and most of the on-line information
out there was created by and for people in other parts of the country, they
aren't a lot of help to us. We need to turn to our local gardeners, schools
and landscape industry professionals for information. <BR>
And that's what this site is all about. I really want to get some communication
going with people who have an interest in gardening in our area. Let me
know what you want to see here and if you have a particular area of expertise,
please use this as a forum to share your knowledge.<BR>
Like most gardens, this Web site will never really be finished. As new ideas
germinate, I'll transplant them into the site. Outdated information will
go to the electronic compost pile. I hope you'll come back often to see
what's going on and contribute.<BR>
Because I'm based in Seattle, I'll have lots of information from the central
Puget Sound region. But I really want to include everyone who gardens in
our maritime climate. So if you're gardening west of the Cascades from the
Portland, Oregon area north to Vancouver, B.C., feel free to send me e-mail
at <A HREF="mailto:mamck@wln.com">mamck@wln.com</A> with news, event notices,
questions, whatever! 
<H3>Here's what's planted so far:</H3>
<H4><A HREF="whatsup.html">What's up?</A><A HREF="Garden%20Web%20Site%20copy/whatsup.html">
<DL>(Updated 7/7/96)<BR>
This page is evolving into kind of a mixed pictorial section. There's photos
to help you identify some of the plants you see in the local landscape,
there's a dahlia section, a photo tour of Seattle's Belltown P-Patch, a
collection of &quot;fun stuff&quot; from the garden and a place to order
photo reprints. 
<H4><A HREF="gardenevents.html">Gardening Events</A> </H4>
<DD>Tours, classes, inspiration. I don't want to hear anyone say they've
got &quot;nuthin' to do&quot; this summer. There is <B>absolutely</B> something
here for everyone! (Updated 7/17/96) 
<B><A HREF="news.html">News, Tips &amp; Ramblings</A><A HREF="../news.html">
<MENU>(Updated 7/2/96) What to do about fungal disease, how to e-mail your
photos and more! 
<H4><A HREF="getinvolved.html">Get Involved</A><A HREF="Garden%20Web%20Site%20copy/getinvolved.html">
<DD>When you've run out of work to do in your own garden (as if), there's
plenty of places in your community that can benefit from your gardening
<H4><A HREF="resources.html">Resources</A></H4>
<DD>There's lots to learn and, fortunately, plenty of people willing to
share what they know. Here's where to find them. (Updated 6/22/96) 
<H4><A HREF="Q%26A.html">Questions &amp; Answers </A></H4>
<DD>Got gardening questions? Here's where you ask 'em. I get a lot of questions
from people, and try to connect them with garden experts I know. By the
way, a note to Allison on Hood Canal -- I keep sending you e-mail re: your
lawn problems but it keeps bouncing back. Please e-mail a phone number or
address where I can reach you. Your lawn needs help! 
<H4><A HREF="gardenlinks.html">Garden Links</A></H4>
<DD>Here's your connection to other garden-related Web sites in the Northwest
and the World. This page has grown quite a bit (thanks largely to Scott
Vergara's contributions!) <BR>
(Updated 7/17/96) 
<H4><A HREF="contests.html">Garden Contests</A><A HREF="Garden%20Web%20Site%20copy/contests.html">
<DD>NEW Mystery Plant contest! Get your name in pixels! Win a cool prize!
We're still looking for entries in the first (possibly annual) Best Use
of a Parking Strip Contest. Here's the details. Win a gardening book from
Sasquatch Books! (Updated 7/2/96) 
<H4><A HREF="marketplace.html">The MarketPlace</A><A HREF="Garden%20Web%20Site%20copy/marketplace.html">
<DD>Whether you're looking for a rare plant, a special tool or the names
of garden-related businesses in your neighborhood, we hope soon to have
many of them listed here. 
<H4><A HREF="reading.html">Reading</A><A HREF="Garden%20Web%20Site%20copy/reading.html">
<DD>It's that other thing to do when it's too dark to garden. This is a
listing of publications written specifically for our region. 
<H4><A HREF="healing.html">Healing Gardens </A></H4>
<DD>Check out a list of vines and ground covers with medicinal uses. Visit
the UW's medicinal garden. And more... 
<H4><A HREF="WebMother.html">Write Your WebMother</A><A HREF="Garden%20Web%20Site%20copy/WebMother.html">
<DD>Send your comments and questions to the Garden Lady. 
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<B>Photos &amp; text, Copyright, (C), 1996, Marie A. McKinsey<BR>
All rights reserved.<BR>