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Title: Links and friends on the net

Links and Friends on the Net

If you want them you know I got them:

Don't panic think organic

The following is a collection of sites and sources that provide agricultural and biological related information. You can help keep this list as current and complete as possible by notifying us of any new sites and/or old site address changes. This information can be mailed to Sals@rain.orgI hope you will find these helpful:

Bay Area Permaculture Group Web Site Permaculture Group Site

You will find some organic farmer at The HolliCom Farmer's Market

Canberra (Australia) Organic Grower's Society

Organic Gardening -Sierra Pelona Posse an other cooky organic gardner!

The first place I tried on the net and still a great place to visit Not Just Cows A Guide to Internet/Bitnet Resources in Agriculture and Related Sciences. The people at /Amazing Environmental Organization WebDirectory have many environmental link .

University of California - Biology, Agriculture and Medical INFOMINE is a good place to researchINFOMINE

Green &Growing A high school lesson on sustainable ag.

ECONET has a Agriculture and Trade link.

For many more ag. links go:AgriGator Swamp Central or the Agricultural and Environmental Information Sources or. I find this one interesting IInformation for a Changing World

Algys' Herb Pageis where I go to learn more about growing organic herbs.Herbs

Fruit Crops Learn to grow fruit crops.

Goats Irvine Mesa Charros 4-H Club - Irvine, California

Zen Sheep Farm Organically Raised and Organically Fed Lamb also look for links to U.S. Register Chapter 94 and Organic Certification Code 6509 Live Stock Practice. Also links to Wholesale Livestock prices and Grain and Hay prices

Breeds Department of Animal Science-Oklahoma State University.

New Crops & Plant Products at the Department of Horticulture, Purdue University. NewCrops will provide windows to new and specialty crop : NewCrops

Books : Check out Books that work

NJ On-line weather and and Old Farmers Almanac check out when the moon is full or how long the day will be. A lot of people I know plant by the moon!

Or check out Alternative Farming Systems

The Garden Gate on Prairienet Into the garden and beyond

The Cyber-Plantsman

lPLANT TALK PLANT TALK is a weekly radio call-in program for gardening enthusiasts hosted by Terry Pogue and brought to you each week by WGTS-FM.



The Garden Encyclopedia

Oxford Poultry Resource CHICKENS

Dr. Alex ShigoGuidelines for Correct Pruning

City Farmers Urban Agriculture Notes

Time is offering Virtual Garden

SARE Western Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education

S.A.R.E.P .University of California Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program

Books :Check out Books that work

Sunsit WWW Lots of Agriculture info.

This directory contains the HTML version of Texas Agricultural Extension Services's Texas Plant Disease Handbook.Press hereIt's part of the :Texas Horticulture Program,

Fruit Crops-University Florida

The Garlic Page

Strawberry Facts

Visit Whistling Wings Farm learn all about Berries From Dr. Razbry

Cascadian Organic Farm Homepage

The Chile-Heads homepage one of the hottest sights on the web.

Colorful World of living things Give your eyes a break!

Small Farm web sight

GardenNet Gardens Gardens everywhere!

Permaculture resources on the internet Permaculture

Farm-Bill will change the landscape and affect us all.

APHIS Gopher

Vegetable and Row Crop Newsletter University of California, Cooperative Extension

IPM current News

The Homestead Home Page A real clearing house for homestead information.

The Internet Mall You will see Noah's Ark in the food section of the mall.

Check out the Naturally California Gourmet at.Magic Windows

I found this good information about horticulture from Ohio State UniversityHorticulture in Virtual Perspective

AUSTRALIAN FARM RADIO On this page you will find some very interesting links all relating to Agriculture in Australia and around the World.

Herbarium in Multimedia Proposal for classification and identification of useful botanical genetic resources for the 21st century - Using citrus fruits as a model

Successful FarmingAgriculture On-line

One thing organic farmers can add is water. When ever I see something wrong with a plant or a tree I look to irrigation. A lot of people add chemicals because a plant looks bad when it was a irrigation problem all the while. Organic farmers have to make sure the land doesn't dry out or get to wet because we have a living soil. Too wet or too dry can throw off the balance of life. I like to keep my soil just the way I think an earthworm would like it. You got to water different when you farm organic because your keeping not just the trees and the plants alive but the soil alive as well. WMRL U.S.D.A Water Management Research Laboratories a place to catch up on irrigation research.

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