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Title: ECOLUTION - Cyber Hemp

"ec'o-lu-tion" = 1. a revolution in technology which will replace toxic petro-chemicals with eco-friendly materials like hemp. 2. the necessary process of humanity's reconnecting to a life in balance with the planet. see also-- the elocutionary imperative --

Hemp ready for harvest. Why do we have to keep importing it?

Thanks for visiting CyberHemp. We have lots of information about the worlds oldest cultivated plant including history, farming techniques, products you can buy as well as links to other cannabis related sites. Please make sure to check out the latest news about hemp including a new industrial hemp bill which has become law in Vermont! We have just begun to upload our new guide for conscious consumers. If you would like to know more about what kind of company we are please visit our Conscious Consumer's Guide. Also check out the Hall of Conspiracy and learn more about the American corporate conspiracy to destroy hemp.

To have our pricelist and ordering information automatically e-mailed to you (it saves trees and costs less too), send a request to: info@ecolution.com You should receive your request within 5 minutes or so. If you prefer to get a full color catalog sent to you, please send $1 to Ecolution, P.O. Box 2279, Merrifield, VA 22116

Ecolution currently carries over 50 hemp products including our award winning 100% hemp jeans and jackets, a high quality line of specialty hats, twine and jewelry as well as bags and accessories.

We are a direct importer, which enables us to ensure the highest quality at reasonable prices. Our fabric and paper is produced from eastern European hemp fiber. We are committed to producing the most eco-friendly products possible.

P.O. Box 2279
Merrifield, VA 22116
Tel(703) 207-9001
Fax (703) 560-1175

E-Mail Ecolution: webmstr@ecolution.com

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