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Subject: Sustainable Ag. Issue Released (fwd)
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Subject: Sustainable Ag. Issue Released

     >>>  The Green Disk on Sustainable Agriculture <<<           

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                           August 19, 1996

Washington, DC -- The latest issue of The Green Disk -- a journal
of contemporary environmental issues published bimonthly on
computer disk -- explores the link between agriculture and the
environment and profiles the vibrant organic farming and
sustainable agriculture movements occurring worldwide.

The issue released today follows the pattern of the 24 other
environmental research compendia published over the last four
years by The Green Disk: 

Articles from the Worldwatch Institute, Pesticide Action Network,
Northwest Coalition For Alternatives To Pesticides, and The Green
Money Journal on the rethinking of industrial agriculture.

Includes recent news on Organic and Sustainable Agriculture.

Complete listings of hundreds of books, periodicals, catalogs,
meetings, projects, and organizations, plus a description of over
40 Web sites and other computer resources. 

Regular features are also included on the disk on a broad range
of topics. These inform readers (activists, journalists and
educators) of all the latest environmental news, publications and
other media that have been released recently, upcoming meetings
and events, college programs, employment opportunities and new
developments in the use of computers for research and activism.

The issue is published in both Mac and IBM formats and is the
equivalent of about 350 text pages. It is US$10 plus $5 shipping
and handling (US or Intl). It may be ordered by VISA/MC online at
http://www.igc.org/greendisk, or an order form can be requested
from greendisk@igc.apc.org. 

The Web site provides more information about The Green Disk, and
allows visitors to browse a review issue of the journal. 

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