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The Composting Council
114 South Pitt Street, Alexandria, VA  22314  USA
(703) 739-2401  fax (703) 739-2407

Training Workshops, Publications, and New Products Hit the Composting 

The Composting Council is working cooperatively with other organizations 
to bring the composting industry a number of specific training workshops 
in selected sites across the country.  These workshops will assist a 
wide audience with developing the nuts and bolts of good composting 

National Backyard Composting Program Training Workshops

In conjunction with:
National Recycling Coalition
Pittsburgh, PA    September 16, 1996
(703) 683-9025

Connecticut Department of Natural Resources
Windsor, CT    September 24, 1996
(860) 424-3365

Association of WV Solid Waste Authorities
Huntington, WV    October 25-26, 1996
(304) 522-4211
Delaware Commercial Composting Forum
September 11, 1996    Newark, DE
(800) 355-4544
5th International Compost OperatorTraining Program
Louisiana State University Agricultural Center
Baton Rouge, LA    October15-18, 1996
(504) 388-6998
Food Scrap Composting Workshop
Cornell Waste Management Institute
Syracuse, NY    October 23-24, 1996
(607) 255-1187
Compost Use Training Seminar
American Society of Horticultural Science
Waukesha, WI    September 26-27, 1996
(703) 836-4606
Better Composting School
University of Maryland
Hanover, MD    October 30-November 1, 1996
(301) 405-7357

Winning the Organics Game

A new handbook by Rod Tyler on the dos & doníts of making and marketing 
quality compost.  This must-have guide is a roadmap through the 
sometimes challenging terrain of profitable organics market development. 
 Call Lisa Preston for details: (703) 836-4606.


National Backyard Composting Program

Program materials are now complete.  Please fax or email a request to 
the Council for a complete listing and order form for the backyard 
manual, clip art, cost/benefit analysis, resource database and more.


The Composting Councilís Bulletin Board has received 1,000 hits!ÖCome 
visit and see why everyone is checking out our BB.  Information on 
compost products, processing techniques, equipment, events, and industry 
news flows in from every corner of cyberspace.  Check it out at: 
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